Paper Tweaks

The popular VanillaTweaks datapack collection, optimized in plugin form!

This plugin takes all the features all the original Vanilla Tweaks datapacks have and repackages those features inside a plugin for Spigot, Paper, Purpur, and Airplane (and all the other 4000 forks out there) servers.

For more quick facts, check out our FAQ.

Quick Setup Instructions

  • Download the plugin, either from the SpigotMC resource page, or directly from GitHub Releases.

    • I highly recommend using Paper over CraftBukkit/Spigot. Paper is a drop in replacement for those and adds numerous features and performance enhancements

    • Be sure to choose the correct download (Bukkit for Bukkit/Spigot and Paper for Paper + all forks of Paper)

  • Drop the downloaded jar file into your plugins folder which should be in the root of your server directory.

  • Startup the server

  • Open plugins/VanillaTweaks/modules.yml and enable whatever modules you want!

  • Browse this wiki for information on each modules functionality and feature set

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