Durability Ping

Notifies players when their tools are close to breaking



/durabilityping config

Permission: vanillatweaks.durabilityping.config Description: Configure personal durability ping settings

/durabilityping config reset

Permission: vanillatweaks.durabilityping.config Description: Reset personal settings to their defaults

/durabilityping admin config

Permission: vanillatweaks.durabilityping.admin.config Description: Configure global durability ping settings

/durabilityping admin config reset

Permission: vanillatweaks.durabilityping.admin.config Description: Reset global durability ping settings to their defaults




Default: true Description: Use both /dp config commands


Default: true Description: Allows a notification to be shown


Default: op Description: Use both /dp admin config commands


# The amount of uses left a piece of equipment should have left before notifying the player
uses-left: 10
# Cooldown in seconds between notifications to limit spam
notification-cooldown-seconds: 10
  # Default setting for notifying players when their main/off hand tools get low
  hand-ping: true
  # Default setting for notifying players when their equipped armor gets low
  armor-ping: true
  # Default setting for playing a sound upon a notification
  play-sound: true
  # Default setting for displaying the notification to the player. Can be one of: TITLE, SUBTITLE, CHAT, ACTION_BAR, HIDDEN
  display: "SUBTITLE"
# Enable the durability ping by default for new players
enabled-by-default: true

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