Stores player's items and experience on death in a grave

A simple graves plugin to capture player drops and experience. Has some configuration options to allow grave robbing and locating.

If you would like to remove all graves, use the command below:

/execute as @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand] if data entity @s "BukkitValues".vanillatweaks:player_uuid run kill @s

You can limit the range of deletion to 20 blocks by adding a ,distance=..20 to the first entity selector. This command destroys the items in the graves, so be careful.



/graves locate

Permission: vanillatweaks.graves.locate Description: Locates your most recent grave

/graves grave-key

Permission: vanillatweaks.graves.admin.grave-key Description: Obtain a grave key capable of opening any grave

/graves admin config

Permission: vanillatweaks.graves.admin.config Description: Configure Graves in-game




Default: true Description: Player death can spawn a grave


Default: true Description: Use the graves locate command to find your last grave (requires grave locations to be toggled on in the configuration)


Default: op Description: Use the command to get a grave key


Default: op Description: Configure Graves in-game


# Enable to use crouching on the grave to retrieve it
legacy-shift-behavior: false
# When enabled, players can open graves they don't own
grave-robbing: false
# When grave-robbing is enabled, this is the number of seconds to prevent grave robbing
grave-robbing-timer: 0
# When enabled, players can see the coordinates of their last grave
grave-locating: true
# When enabled, graves collect experience dropped on death
xp-collection: true
# Worlds listed here will not create graves for players
  - "disabled_world_name"

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